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Sacred Heart Circle™

We are accepting Applications!

Fall Enrollment ends on September 16th

Hi Beautiful Soul! I'm So Glad That You're Here


We created Sacred Heart Circle for mothers just like you who want to create a deeper, more meaningful bond with their daughters. 

Sacred Heart Circle is an experiential six-session circle, where we’ll cultivate community, embrace vulnerability, step into authenticity, and begin to lay the groundwork for a lasting relationship with your daughter based on love.

Stand in your daughter’s truth as she stands in yours and experience what it feels like to witness each other with no attachments. 

Open up and truly experience their world through their eyes while reawakening your inner child.

Imagine how wonderful it’s going to feel to know that you are being supported as you support your little lady in this phase of transition.

Just like driving a car at night, you turn your headlights on so that you can see where you’re going. Building on this metaphor, Sacred Heart Circle™ is how we shine that light in the dark and create the unique map that will show you the way. 

Sacred Heart Circle Is a step-by-step journey that will walk you through a memorable process, helping you gain clarity, foster understanding, and establish a new relationship.

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The Application process is simple and is the first step in the process regardless of how you would like to experience Sacred Heart Circle™.

Are you in?

Here's what you can expect...


The Intro Circle is an opportunity for you to get to know me, our Co-Facilitator, and the other moms in a more profound way. It all starts with energy!

6-week Group container

90 minute sessions every week focused on the steps needed to co-create a new foundation for your relationship with your daughter.

Integrative practices

PLUS Three 90-min playshopping sessions for deeper integration and small but powerful integration assignments. You are not in this alone.

Sacred Goodie Box

We'll send you a few sacred items to get you started for the experience PLUS your very first bonding assignment together.
We got you!

Cost: $997!

Join Today for Only $997.

Payment plans are available.**

Interested in a Different Experience?

Join Us for a 5-Day In-Person Retreat

Accelarated transformational experience of Sacred Heart Circle over the course of 5 days.


All mom's get a private room to themselves so they can fully rest and restore! The girls will share a room but they're also free to stay with you.

all meals included

All your meals are included with in between snacks throughout this retreat experience. We will also have opportunities to cook meals together.

Integrative practices

We will move through Sacred Heart while weaving in time for optional group healing activities like dancing, meditation, play, discussion, and more.

Sacred Rite of Passage

We will culminate this retreat with a Rite of Passage Ceremony for our girls. Honoring their transition with love, respect, and community as we did long ago.

Cost: $3,997!

Secure Your Spot With A $597 Deposit.

Payment plans are available.**

Before you bring your daughter into the container, we will hold an introduction Circle for you and the other moms. I’m all about creating containers! The more, the merrier. Why?

Because for each energetic container that we create, the more supported you and your daughter will feel in this space. When you feel supported, you feel safe. And when you feel safe, you are more willing to stand in your truth. And that’s what we need! 

The Intro Circle is an opportunity for you to get to know me, and the other moms in a more profound way. Sacred Heart Circle™ is an opportunity for you to BE in the feminine energy while I am the willing embodiment of the masculine energy:
no judgment, just guidance, support, and love.

Sacred Heart Circle is an Experience!

This is not another program, this is an opportunity for you to come and actively co-create something new, and beautiful! 

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How many family groups will be in the circle?

The cap is based on the number of daughters in the circle and that's capped at 10. I find that small is mighty so we use the daughters as a metric.

I have things I don't want them to know. How will that be managed?

We will spend four integrative sessions together as a group, weaved in between private group sessions (moms in one, daughters in one) to have those deeper conversations. We will always start the experience together and finish together.

How old does my daughter have to be?

Sacred Heart is for girls between the ages of 11-13. If your daughter is 10, will be turning 11 relatively soon, and you would like her to be a part of this container, we can make an exception.

I have more than one daughter. Do I have to pay twice?

Nope! The price of Sacred Heart Circle covers the cost for up to two daughters. There is a minimal fee of $397 for Virtual and $597 for In-Person to bring a third daughter with you.

Have more questions?

I'm more than happy to answer them directly! Book a call below and lets chat.

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